Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Oil Money

If any one inside of Iran wonders why there is so much poverty, shortcomings and misery, they can be rest assured that their oil money is being spent in exotic places like Syria creating jobs for North Koreans. Reportedly one billion US dollars spent by the Iranian regime helped that creepy regime in Syria build a nuclear research facility with the help of the North Korean technicians. That's how the Iranian people's money is being spent. And of course President Bush was indeed right to put Iran and North Korea in Axis of Evil category but he was demonized for uttering the truth about the nature of these governments.

اگر در ایران هستید و نمیدونید که پول نفت ملت کجا خرج میشه باید به شما عرض کنم که یک میلیارد دلار پول بی زبون مردم ایران در سوریه خرج ساخت تاسیسات اتمی به کمک مهندسین کره شمالی شده است

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Kafir said...

And then all that money literally went up in smoke courtesy of the U.S. and Israeli Air Forces. Tell me, Winston, do they not teach math in Iran's school system? Because it seems the people there are having a problem putting two and two together.