Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paranoid Regime

I don't care so much about these dual citizenship holding idiots who knowingly move to Iran for any reason and expect to be rescued when they get into trouble. The case of the Iranian-American citizen being held captive inside that big prison called Iran is not so new or any different. She moved there on her own and she knew the regime wouldn't respect her American citizenship. It's the law in Iran that any citizenship other than the Iranian one is not valid. To the mullahs, one is either an Iranian or a foreigner. But the case of this poor woman Roxana Saberi shows the depth of the crazy paranoia the Mullahs suffer from. Though I can't understand why she thought living in Iran for a free thinking journalist could be safe. Did she really think the regime won't try to use her as a bargaining chip?

The regime is crumbling from within and therefore it's scared of anything. It's a matter of survival for them to create phony crises and use them as bargaining chips when dealing with the weakened US under the mis-leadership of 'Dear Leader Obama'. There's a saying in Persian language that goes like this: "He who has been bitten by a snake fears a piece of string". The Mullahs suffer from paranoia and I think we should use their paranoia against them. Strike them where it is gonna hurt most. Not their balls though, but bullets for their sorry asses.


Anonymous said...

Roxana is the latest victim of Leftis lies justifying everything that Islamists do in Iran, while hiding the evil that the regim is doing to Iranian people. she worked for BBC and it seems she started to belive the lies that the BBC is telling the world about IRan and decided it was safe to be a journlist in Iran and say whatever you think is right.isn't BBC always telling the world that the Iranian regim is looking for Justice for oppressed people of the world, specially the poor Palestinians? BBC and other Leftist media have tried hard to hide the crimes of the Iranian regim from the world to the point that even their own reporters belive the lies! if they ever told about the plight of Iranian journlaists who go through the most terrible torture in prisons, Roxana would have tried to be more careful. Will BBC try to get her out now after using her all this time? I doubt it.

Azarmehr said...

Another Persian proverb which comes to mind
'they are scared of their own shadow'

Winston said...


Anonymous said...

And today I red that Bahman Ghobadi is Roxana's boyfriend. As they say in Iran: har dam az in bagh bari miresad, tazeh tar az tezeh tari miresad.