Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From One To Another

I was talking to a friend today and we talked about those Iranians who leave an Islamic Iran for any reason and then they become Communists/Socialists in this free country. In the middle of our conversation I came up with this:
    "It's really sad to see that people escape one tyranny to fall for another oppressive ideology i.e socialism, here in Canada or America for that matter."
There's nothing wrong with choosing your politics in a free country like Canada or US but hey, some of you ran away from the same crap in your homelands and as soon as you got here then fell for the oppressive ideals of socialism. I think slavery is an addiction or a bizarre fetish. Some enjoy getting hurt. And it doesn't make sense to unchain yourself once and then chain yourself again or does it? It's one thing to have been a hardcore Commie in Canada, it is another to convert to such stupid line of thinking after arriving here. I can't understand it... Stupidity knows no boundaries, I guess. Maybe some of you leftie pals could explain it to me, eh?

امروز با یکی از همکلاسی ها در مورد این افرادی که از کشورهای استبدادزده مثل ایران فرار میکنند و در کشور ازاد و کاپیتالیستی مثل کانادا بدام استبداد دیگری یا همان کمونیزم و سوسیالیزم میافتند. واقعآ برای این افراد نادان باید ناراحت شد که چقدر کوته فکر و خام هستند

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Anonymous said...

Seems they found in western countries the perfect ground for their personal grievances.
Victim-hood, especially done in group mode, has more influence than the truth. Personally I think it makes others feel more comfortable (and superior) if they can voice out that you are a 'poor victim' instead of encouraging one to be strong and facing the truth.

Be a victim of any government identifiable group and you're more acceptance than if you stand strong and independent on facts and truth. Sadly it's like a malignant cancer spreading and killing freedom, and surprisingly fast as I see it.
Always easier to blame than face your own flawed way of thinking.
Children do this all the time.
Parents, good parents, use to correct this immature flawed thinking, presently it's those uncorrected and poorly parented ones that are running things right into the ground now.