Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Belligerent

Apparently the Iranian regime along with the totally crazy North Korean have sensed the growing weakness of the United States since Obama has come to office in January and are growing belligerent day by day. The mullahs tested a new missile the other day right before the N. Koreans went totally nuts. The N. Koreans just threatened their neighbors with military action. Why? The answer is that they know the weakness is back in Washington DC. Jimmy Carter is back in charge and the mullahs and 'Lil Kim' know it better than any one else does.

You might want to think that these two evil regimes are acting in this manner to distract the world from other evils they are doing behind the scenes. Who knows? And we all know the entire regular Iranian navy doesn't have more than 2 or 3 seaworthy frigates or destroyer ships (delivered in early 70s) and yet the mullahs claim 6 of their war ships will sail to the gulf of Aden to combat piracy. Again, the skeptical in me says it is not much about piracy as it is about protecting their WMD laden ships against possible attacks by either the Israelis or the US navy. All that can be observed by an ordinary viewer is that these rogue regimes are basically using this opportunity, the weakness shown by the Americans, to blackmail the whole darn world.

This does not sound good! Too bad the current governments in the western capitals are bunch of gutless appeasers.

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