Friday, May 15, 2009

Only Nazis Did So

There's a new video clip from western Iran showing a few young Kurdish citizens being executed by hanging in public. You can watch it here courtesy of Iran Press News website. I didn't want to post it here because it is just too graphic. But the point is that in contemporary history only Nazis did such things and theirs was to intimidate the people. Like the photo above. Nazis tactic of mass executions in public in their occupied territories was a matter of warning to the rest of the population to stay clear of them and not mess with the Nazi Germans. I and many millions of my countrymen from Iran see the mullahs as the occupiers of Iran. The regime is an occupational regime that is committed to the destruction of the country, its resources, its people and their heritage. Just like the Nazis and probably other dangerous despots of the 20th century in four corners of the planet...

The subhuman mullahs have been doing the same thing since they seized power 30 yrs ago. They have employed the mass executions to spread terror among the ordinary people and preventing mass riots against their corrupt rule. Even if these guys who were hanged in the video clip were real criminals as the crazy Iranian regime claims, they could have done it in private. However, when it is done in public, then it can only mean one thing: 'Mess with us and we have no problem hanging you'. The subhuman Nazis did the same things and mullahs are employing the same tactics, following the footsteps of those fascists.

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