Sunday, May 3, 2009

Smart Condi

Former Secretary of State Condi Rice is hell of a smart woman. No one can deny that she's a very talented, intelligent and strong individual. However I've had my issues with her especially over how she damaged President Bush's 2nd term vis a vis Iran, North Korea and other trouble makers. President Bush's 2nd term was not like his first term at all. Bush had a great start and he had huge political capital that could be used in getting rid of the idiots of the world post 9/11 and I'm not happy how Condi Rice changed the course of the American foreign policy and slowed George Bush's freedom agenda. I might be wrong but this is my personal sentiment shared by so many other observers and this theory was also intensified by talking to those in Washington DC who definitely know better than I do. Some believed Condi Rice had Bush's ears and Bush did not do anything without her approval. So it is just fair to say that many of the previous administration's foreign policy shortcomings caused by her.

Any ways, just watch this awesome video below. See how she sticks it to the dingbat liberal student at the Standford University. Had the Bush administration taken this approach early on and vehemently defended their just actions, they would not have left the office with less than 35% popularity ratings (even though that was unfair and irrelevant to me) but you have to keep the clueless public on your side somehow if one wants to run a policy. Unfortunately, Pres Bush was unsuccessful in defending his correct policies. History will be a better judge, hopefully!

h/t British Daily Telegraph blog
    "If you were in a position of authority and watched Americans jumping out of 80-storey buildings because these murderous tyrants go after innocent people then you would have determined to do anything you could that was legal to prevent that happening."


Anonymous said...

These liberal students will honestly believe everything they see on the internet.

Gitmo itself was horribly run, from what I've heard and read in a book call "Inside the Wire", but even if that was the case were still TONS of al-Qaeida detainees that were kept on lock down.

In regards to torture. I don't know about most people, but a female interrogator for example, rubbing her breasts against a Muslim terrorist to get information isn't torture.

Caroline said...

Wow, that college kid just doesn't know when to stop digging does he? As the ever generous and witty Ronald Reagan would say, "You see, the trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; they just know so much that isn't so." :)

Potkin Azarmehr said...

I dont know what it is with the US state dept, but it seems whoever becomes the Secretary of State all of a sudden is crumbled by the huge machinery of pencil pushing bureacrats there.