Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dying regime?

I've talked to bunch of people from inside of Iran in the past few days and most tell me the situation in Iran is very weird and unstable. I warned my family and friends to stay away from polls and avoid large crowds due to security reasons. You never know who is going to get hurt one of these days. Me thinks what you're seeing in Iran are all the signs of a dying regime. Every thing I hear sounds bad. From violent crowds to Basijis threatening regular people. Then there'll be this summer when Israelis will have to decide how to deal with the nuclear armed Iran. This is gonna be one crazy year. Frankly I don't see why I shouldn't celebrate the regime's infightings. It's an excellent opportunity for all of us to help accelerate the downfall of this bloody theocracy which has been in power in Iran since 1979. I, for one, am so happy to see they're at each others' throats. I'd like to ask my readers from Iran to let the mullahs taste their own medicine and you just stay home on the election day.

My fellow U.K. based blogger Azarmehr has a cool entry on the ongoing craziness in Iran. Though I disagree with his call for not telling our countrymen what to do, I liked this line out of his whole assessment better:
    "we must think beyond 12th June. We must be ready for all the possible outcomes on Friday. What if Ahmadinejad is re-appointed again through cheating and vote manipulation? What if Ahmadienjad and the Guards resort to a military coup? What if Moussavi wins and like Khatami disappoints the people and their expectations once again leading to another era of political apathy and hopelessness. Are we planning for these outcomes?"
I don't think we're planning. And that's why the legitimate Iranian opposition in exile is such a lame entity. We should have had a shadow government in place for such days. The regime is fragile and if it falls, there's no one authority to replace it. What a shame!


Josephine said...

I really hope that somehow the people of Iran will be able to reclaim their country from the religious fanatics.

Rosemary said...

The thought of the 'moderate' winning and then disappointing the people crossed mind also. Another thing that crossed my mind. Everyone thinks he is moderate, so we start the talks on the nukes all over again?!? Ugh. Don't they get it? No, apparently not. The nukes are going forward no matter who wins.

Another thing, Obama doesn't have the stones to help any opposition. The only opposition he is interested in destroying is the Republican party. How's that for loving one's country? We're the enemy he sees. How very sad. It was my party that hated slavery, fought for the right for black people to vote, marry, etc.

I must be in the twilight this 1933?