Thursday, June 18, 2009

Expats' Support

The Iranian expat community across the world is absolutely supportive of the freedom movement inside of Iran. These above photos were taken on Wednesday in Irvine, California by Bahareh, a reader of this blog.

If you happen to be in any of these protests across the globe, please take pictures and shoot videos. Spread the word, post your photos & videos. Share your thoughts with your colleagues at work and at school. This is an information battle. Also if you don't know how to blog or upload photos, simply email them to me (to Winston2538AtYahooDotCom) and I'll be more than happy to post them here and else where. The defeat of the regime can not happen unless we're all united in this thing. Let's do it!


Caroline said...

Let's do it indeed! I have been talking about Iran and the situation there to everyone I possibly can including my co-workers for many many weeks. They're mostly Liberals, but you would not believe how much it has helped having spoken to you and other adds so much wieght to what I am saying because they can not argue against what those who have experienced the regime first-hand have to say. Among other things, it blows their minds that there are so many people in Iran who don't like Obama.

Keep up the amazing work! We are all very grateful for your efforts. God bless you, your family and friends, and Iran! You are all in my prayers every hour of the day.

Urban Infidel said...

I would love to know about any demonstrations in NYC so I can take photos. If anyone knows of any upcoming, please email me at: nosubmission_nyc [at] thanks!

saggezard said...

According to Alireza Meibodi of Pars TV and Radio Sedaa ye Iran, three planes carrying Lebenese and Palestinian militia men (terrorists) landed in Mahshahr Airport (outside of Karaj) last night to help cracking down on Iranian people.

Iranian people need at least moral support from freedom loving people of the world, let's do candle light vigils, email campaigns to officials and marches in condemnation of the Islamic regime, to support the oppressed in Iran. We all owe it to the future generations.

Kafir said...

Elections have consequences. Is anyone surprised that the meely-mouthed leftist who ran on a platform of talking to the mullahs is doing nothing? Today, North Korea announced that they would fire a rocket at Hawaii in early July and the man who Joe Biden said had steel in his spine has said nothing. If he won't act to protect a US state, what will he do for Iran?