Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the radio

My call to Hugh Hewitt radio show in California yesterday. (Thnx to the West Coast Outpost blog)

Update: Can you believe Obamble praising the dictator Khamenei? I am utterly disgusted by this coward in the white house.

Updated at 5:30 pm ET: More rallies are planned for tomorrow afternoon in Tehran.

Updated @ 6pm ET: Khamenei has appeared on state run TV calling for unity. And people have not bought his story by announcing more rallies across the country. That's good news!

Video of protesters in front of the Iranian regime radio/tv bldg in N. Tehran

This silence will kill the regime.

Updated at 7pm
: 150 students detained in University of Babolsar.

Video from recent riots in southern city of Shiraz. (("The woman in the video says to the cameraman: Join us, Join us. By sitting aside this can't help/happen")) - very encouraging!

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Louise said...

Obama has make a second statement about Iran, as wimpy as the first one.

FearlessDream said...

I am not surprised Obama spoke about Khamenei as he did. His remark essentially validated Khamenei's position, a pat on the back as it were....as if Khamenei really genuinely cares about the concerns of the people anyway. Disgustingly pathetic....

saggezard said...

Great job Winston. We need to be the messengers and create more exposure of this type, now that the foreign correspondents are banned from reporting by the IRI and information flow from Iran is being constricted.

I have heard of a lot more savageness and killings today across Iran. The news is getting worse and worse, the accounts of the crimes are stomach churning. What a bunch of psychopaths.

Louise said...

I read on one blog (don't remember which one) that the army was being sent in to quash the rebellion. I presume that must have been a wild rumour making the rounds. I hope that's all it was.

Matt said...

I think the rumors of the army squashing the rebellion and one I read on twitter of all future protests being cancelled because the vote was recounted and in protestors favor are being made by the Iranian government to confuse and quell the rebels communication.

Louise said...

I suspect you could be right, Matt. Scare everyone into going home and pat them on the head with an empty promise.

If Khamenei is pleading for unity, why doesn't he look out the window and call off the goons. He's got unity, just not with him.

Urban Infidel said...

Video of Iranian Police shooting at protestors.

*Warning** Graphic


Tragic. Terrifying.

Thomas said...

May God be with those in Iran seeking freedom and justice.