Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Got a call from a friend in Iran who was was very shocked after watching a segment on Persian language service of BBC about some Iranian expats in Canada who support Ahmadinejad's re-election. He was curious to know who these morons are. I had nothing to tell him but all I said was that the Iranian regime in partnership with anti-freedom leftist Iranians in BBC has managed to buy agents of influence around the globe. I told him people he had seen on Islamic regime-friendly BBC Persian TV program are the direct beneficiaries of the Iranian revolutionary regime and the guys in BBC are showcasing these agents of influence for people like him inside of the country so he'd never ever think the regime would go away. The Iranian regime have been successful in making the masses in Iran believe they are invincible and when you are living in a non-transparent society with no real flow of information, things like this on BBC strengthen that image in one's mind. I've never felt so hopeless like this and who knows what it takes to have this Islamic monster removed from the Iranian soil.

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