Saturday, June 27, 2009

War Zone

This new video from BBC Persian service shows coward Basijis shooting at people from the rooftop of a mosque in west of Tehran during the last week election riots. Tehran, I've heard, looks like a war zone these days. Same video in English. You can hear people filming this asking each other "How can they do this" and a woman can be heard responding "Well they're Basijis". In Iran being a Basij member means you can cross the laws or kill/detain people without being questioned. Basijis (Khamenei's white shirts) are given a mandate to protect the establishment at any cost and that's why they kill people with free reign. They're criminals and act like Nazi brown shirts.

Update: I am informed that the mosque shown in these videos was later set on fire by the brave protesters resulting in death of 8 of these coward Basijis.


FearlessDream said...

These basijis are heartless and deserve what's coming to them.
Since there is not quite as much coverage on Iran anymore on CNN (and even the major online newspapers), I am not hearing as much about what is going on there. Today, I heard at one point that the protests are dwindling and basijis are still attacking people in their homes and cracking down on people standing on the rooftops shouting "Allahu Akbar," and I was wondering, are many people still doing this?

And have you heard anything else about camps being set up to hold arrested protestors?

saggezard said...

Have you come across any video or photos of the Park Laleh crackdown of Saturday June 26th?

Winston said...

No I have not. If you have, plz share with us.

Cindy the tea bag patriot said...

Unfortunately, we have a weak-kneed, ego driven blowhead for a leader that will not demonstrate to the Persians in Iran that we support their quest for freedom. The left is rapidly trying to usurp the liberties we so valuably possess here in the US. These vipers are systematically reducing our freedoms right out of the Nazi playbook. Thank God above we have a military that knows better.

Harpo Schlotzki said...

So my Iranian friend says the Basijis are Lebanese. This is important.

It makes them foreigners killing Iranians.... licensed by a government.... which must be afraid.... and distrustful... and desperate.... and heartless.... and hypocritical and compromised in their beliefs.... and even more cowardly than anticipated.

I can't tell which is more despicable, the Basijis or Khamenei.

Yikes said...

Harpo - the regime has been hiring outside thugs for years during protests. The regime knows that it can't trust Iranians to beat up on other Iranians, but arabs from the outside will.

For some reason, the media has just discovered it.

alison said...

Hi Winston

Just wanted to make sure you have seen this

and this

Take care