Friday, July 31, 2009

Remember Neda

Almost every one I know has been busy reporting about the clashes and anti-regime protests across the country. I've also reported on what I heard and read else where because twitter is now where most people follow Iran's news.

Today however it was about remembering our beautiful Neda and other slain protesters. Neda's mom has done an interview with BBC News and one with Radio Free Europe. It's so painful to hear her speak about her daughter and how their family is struggling with this tragedy. I can't imagine how hard it must be for the families of these brave protesters whose loved ones have been tortured and killed by the regime. I feel for them. The whole world does feel for them.

Azarmehr has compiled videos of today's protests. And here are some more videos again from today's anti-regime gatherings. It's been an interesting day because the defiance shown by the people means a lot. No one is scared of the regime any more. In the middle of the protests today, I managed to talk to a few of my contacts inside of Iran.

I was told that "anti-riot forces seemed very tired today. It seemed they couldn't run after us". Also, my friend said "plain clothed agents infiltrate the rallies & gatherings and therefore it is hard to trust anyone in the crowds". Another friend told me that the protests have not been limited to the city of Tehran alone. Major cities like Rasht, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Mashad have had their surge of anti-regime rallies in the past 24-48 hrs as well. Chanting slogans against the regime from rooftops has not stopped/slowed a bit.

Today, Neda was remembered around the world and her beautiful spirit has empowered the Iranian people more than ever.

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