Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank You!

    "Khamenei: Your referendum has been held and you have failed your test."
We will not forget who stood by us at our time of need. We will not forget who sided with us when the regime was killing and jailing the Iranian people . AND we'll never forget or forgive those who sided with the regime at the time of our struggle for liberty and democracy.

Thank you Congressman Thaddeus McCotter. Your words mean a lot to all of us. Thanks a lot, sir!

RE-POSTED on Jul 2nd, 2011:

And now Congressman McCotter is running for President. This is a candidate everybody can get excited about. I wish him good luck.


Anonymous said...

Even if all the free world boycott Iran the two other evil empire Russia and China will aid Iran, purchase cheap Oil and give all goods needed.
They supply burga to Iran and get oil at concession rate.

Winston said...

Russia & China will prop up the mullahs to a point but they don't hold the moral high ground and the Iranian ppl are aware of that. But Canada, US and the rest of the free world hold the same values the Iranian people are fighting for and that's what matters to all of us. Russia & China can not resist the surge of anti-regime sentiments around the world. They can only support the regime economically to a very small degree. Their support for the mullahs will erode over time.

saggezard said...

If we can only get the world to institute real sanction on the mullahs.

Apparently in yesterday's Mashad air crash three IRGC commanders sympathetic to the movement and a member of Majles were killed according to Ali Reza Meybodi.

By the way where the hell is Carter and his human rights crap talk?

Winston said...

So I hear, Sag.

Carter? Are you nuts? He helped the mullahs seize power in 1979. Why should he say something against his pet tyrannical project? He's in tank with Hamas, Castro brothers and Chavez. Why should he side with us this time? He's an asshole and assholes never do any good.

Sohrab said...

That's right winston, assholes just wanna shit on all of us.

saggezard said...

This is the reason why there should be demonstrations in front of The Carter Center in Atlanta, we should demand an answer to his escalating failures while implementing the installation of Islamic Republic of Iran.

FearlessDream said...

"By the way where the hell is Carter and his human rights crap talk?"

You mean Carter the Cowardly hypocrite? :)

This Khomeini / Mullah apologist too busy rubbing shoulders with Hamas is not a man who I would imagine cares deeply about the fate of the Iranian people IMHO.