Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Iran Mass Burials

Reports of mass burials are absolutely frightening. Totally sounds like former Yugoslavia, Iraq or any other hell hole in this world where a totalitarian regime decides to kill people and then bury the dead en mass and in dead of night. Of course, the number of those killed during the protests must be a lot higher than we may know. I suspect that the day Iran is liberated from the yoke of Islamic regime, mass graves will probably be discovered left and right and those graves and our glorious dead will be used as evidence of the mullahs' indictment in the court of justice.

اخبار خاکسپاریهای دست جمعی و پنهانی در ایران من رو به یاد عراق و بوسنی میاندازه. شاید در فردای ازادی ایران صدها قبر مخفی و دسته جمعی کشف بشه و بعنوان سند جنایت این رژیم اشغالگر در دادگاه علیه سردمداران رژیم اشغالگر ایران استفاده بشه


Arash said...
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Arash said...

It's terrible, though commonplace in their Islamic Hellhole. Whilst Mousavi would never mention it, in 1988 whilst he was PM, tens of thousands of political prisoners were executed and buried in this manner. The rest of the world progresses, but the Islamic Republic remains as primitive as ever.