Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nuclear Mullahs

The dying Iranian regime is terribly broken from within, internal factions are publicly tearing each other apart in broad daylight and the terror loving, protester raping Islamic Revolutionary Guards are extending their scary grip over businesses, people and country more than ever. But speed of re-armament has not slowed down. This regime is still a threat to humanity and our collective peace and sanity. It was only a few days ago that a North Korean arms shipment bound for Iran was seized. Does this not worry any one of you?

This farce story about Iran's uranium enrichment slowing down and having IAEA inspectors in is another smart ploy devised by the nuclear mullahs to buy the much needed time for their bomb project even as western pressure builds up day by day. These rapists/terrorists know better than any CIA or US State Dept's analyst that if the atomic bomb is acquired, no one's going to touch or harass them any more. Mullahs will have free reign in and out of Iran. The regime is a global menace. I wonder what it will take to finally have them removed....... A nuclear holocaust? What? Does any one think bringing down a nuclear armed regime is going to be easier than bringing down one that is not nuke armed? I'd like to know the answer to that. Especially when we're dealing with a regime that has demonstrated its willingness in taking hostages, blackmailing the west, raping and killing its own citizens. It's sheer lunacy to let this regime stay in power for one more day. Where are those realists in London, Washington DC and Paris?


Arash said...

Seems awfully similar to the appeasement of Nazi Germany...

But the funny thing is that it is totally in all of these country's interests to see the demise of the Mullah regime. They need to think more long term.


saggezard said...

I am baffled, it is a true mystery that the world has chosen to remain a passive observer to the crimes of the regime and its continuously growing appetite for savagery and mass murder. There are huge number of evidence to convince any entity that Islamic Republic of Iran is unfit to govern human beings.

It is reported that Saeedeh Pouraghaee a protester was raped, tortured, murdered and then burnt with acid from the knees up by the regime's security apparatus to cover up signs of the atrocities:

Sohrab said...

I like Dr. Ledeen's analysis (the one you linked to). And just in general I think he is very serious, credible observer of Iran.