Friday, August 21, 2009

Stall Tactics

There are only a few reasons as to why the Iranian gov't is about to allow the UN inspectors in its nuke facilities. Namely they are determined to buy time to complete their nuclear weapon projects and to prevent a probable Israeli air strikes against the enrichment facilities before the A-bomb is ready. These criminal mullahs and revolutionary guardsmen know best how to manipulate the world by resorting to these stall tactics. Unfortunately, the whole western world has gone AWOL on the issue of Iranian threat by either ignoring it or by placing toothless UN sanctions on it. None of these will work and the only way to neutralize the threat of Iranian regime is to have it removed for good.

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saggezard said...

Heard this on the radio a few years ago:

There was a call for governments of the world to participate in a competition to locate the only white rabbit released in a large and heavily wooded wild area spanning thousand of miles. First, Russians send their army in with 10,000 tanks, and 300,000 troops and in a matter of 20 hours presented the lone rabbit. Next, the Americans send their fleet of spy planes, repositioned their surveillance satellites and send in the Navy Seals, in a matter of 10 hours show up with the rabbit. Then Islamic Republic of Iran sends in a dozen intelligence officers and in a matter of ten minutes return with a black bear. The organizers of the competition asked where the rabbit is, the agents present the bear, they are told: but that is a bear. The agents answer: ask the bear and he will confess that what he really is.