Friday, October 16, 2009

Khamenei's death

I am now in the Netherlands and also heard the rumors and stories about Khamenei's passing out and now being in Coma. Well, I don't know much either. Yesterday I came in contact with some Iranians living in Amsterdam and they had also heard the stories about Tehran's Bazaar being shut. As Michael Ledeen reported on his blog yesterday, Khamenei seems to be in Coma. He never said he has died. So I don't understand why people are piling up on him. Stop your hate, people. Mr. Ledeen has always been supportive of the Iranian people's quest for a free and democratic Iran.

All in all, I think it is irrelevant as to who is alive or dead in this regime. All of them must die one way or another, in my opinion. What should matter to us is the future of the country and that it be free once the mullahs are gone.


Arash said...

Your thread title made me very happy...briefly until I realised the scum is apparently only in a coma.

It is a sad state of affairs when human beings are relieved at the passing of one another, but after 30 years of religious despotism, the Mullahs can only blame themselves for this.


Rose said...

It will be a good day when the people of Iran are free of tyrannical and murderous authorities.

Anonymous said...


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Winston said...

Jake, I'd love to read your book. You can send me one if you like.

Yikes said...

Unfortunately, seems he's avoided the grim reaper again

Anonymous said...

what kind of people you are? You actually wish somebody to die? Shame on you guys.

Ramin said...

Its very sad that he didnt die. He has cancer and should leave soon. I will prey to god for that they to come sooner then later.