Monday, November 30, 2009

About To Explode

Once again I talked to my contact in Iran today after a very long time. Didn't get to talk much for long but the few details my friend managed to tell me over the phone was very interesting. Here are some:

1- People are angry with the current regime and are tired of it. They'd like to see it fall. Those who did not wish for a regime change 7-8 months ago, now openly ask for it.

2- Situation is very explosive in most university campuses. It might erupt any moment.

3- People from small towns and villages seem to be dissatisfied with the government too. It's a myth that Ahmadinejad enjoys support of the poor. The poor have got poorer in the past 4-5 yrs.

4- People in the streets of Tehran feel Obama (Americans government) has cut a deal with the revolutionary guards and has left people to be slaughtered by the regime. International isolation of this regime is of utmost important, I am told.

5- People fear the regime is inviting an attack upon itself to be able to kill and jail as many people as it can as a war time measure. It can be said that the regime fears its own citizen more than anything else at this point. Young people think there is a chance for this 'GREEN' movement to prevail in toppling the regime before June 2010.


Arash said...

Thanks for the update, Winston...the regime's position is untenable and's rotting from within. I look forward to a time in the near future when all those Islamists get what they deserve.

پاینده ایران


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should rejoice, or feel angry at this.

Winston said...

You can rejoice and then be angry. It's how things work in Iran. People are like bi-polar patients. ;-)

I think one of the few things holding the regime together is the useless negotiations they are having with the Europeans and Americans at this time. The westerners must realize NOW that this regime is dying. They should stop empowering it.

SZ said...

interesting how your source knows whats going on in Iran, but yet, nothing he says is true.....

but I bet you won't publish this post, you are the Supreme Blogger the Dear Leader Blogger, Her Fuhrer, or WinStalin.

Anonymous said...

lol look its SZ

How cute, he thinks his opinion carries weight.

Winston said...

Yes he is back. I made him happy by allowing his BS comment here.

Sohrab said...

Even here SZ? Go away, you jackass!