Thursday, November 5, 2009

Appeaser in Chief

I believe when it comes to Iran, Obama is a moron. But the fact/notion that Iranian people want the American support was not cooked by neo-cons or crazy Zionists on blogosphere. See this report by ultra-liberal PBS News Hour program:
    "The protesters also appealed for U.S. support. They chanted, "Obama, Obama, you are either with them or with us."
Zer0bama is siding with tyranny again as he has in Honduras, Cuba, Burma and else where. Shame on this fool in the White House! He's a disgrace...

ABC News has more on that.

Updated on Friday: Washington Post: Obama's policy is objectively aiding the Tehran regime and harming the opposition in their ongoing struggle.

What do Iranians want: Radio Free Europe has a piece.

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