Monday, January 18, 2010

1 year of failure

When left wing publications such as 'The Economist' say Obama's first year has been 'not great' then you must know that there must be something very wrong.

Robert D. Kaplan urges Obama to be more like President Reagan in supporting the Iranian protesters but I think he has no principle to be like any one of that stature. Obama's main agenda is to transform the American society forever and turns it into a failed socialist state. That is his legacy and I am unsure if he really cares about a possible foreign policy legacy which most US presidents tend to leave behind. It's just shameful to see so much inaction on behalf of this empty suit president. Does he really not understand the implications of a free Iran?
    "An Iran that is both democratic and Shiite would tip the balance against the Sunni Wahabi extremism emanating from Saudi Arabia. And, in a globally networked world, where news of such regime change could not easily be suppressed, leaders in similarly autocratic countries like Venezuela and China would have cause for concern."
Obama had the best chance this past 9-10 months to make a difference and leave a good name behind for himself. He missed that chance!


Ali said...

Hi Dear Winston
I am Ali an old your friend in Iran since 2007 in one of science forums. Shams and Noosha are very good and Saying dorood to you
I am glad for visiting your site and wish be succeed in always
Wish Iran will free from jailbird patriarchs.


saggezard said...

It is puzzling indeed. In 1979 the west abandoned Iran to fall into the hands of extremists on the pretext of a supposedly popular movement and now with the massive violence and crimes being committed against Iranians the 5+1 is dragging its feet. What is going on? Are regional security and human rights irrelevant now?