Monday, January 25, 2010

Racist regime

Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani dropped the n-word while attacking Obama at a meeting with so-called engineers. Here is PBS reporting:

Mohammad Javad Larijani criticized the policies adopted by U.S. President Barack Obama and referred to him using a racial epithet.

“When Barack Obama was sworn into office he talked of verbally engaging Iran,” the U.C. Berkeley graduate was quoted as saying. “What has changed is that today this [the equivalent of the N-word in Farsi] talks of regime change in Iran.”

In a Saturday meeting at the Islamic Engineers Society, Larijani said, “I am not a racist, but I must respond to this man [Obama] in some way.”

Larijani’s brother, Ali, is the speaker of Majles (Parliament). Another brother, Sadegh, is head of the judiciary.


Arash said...

How disgusting.


Mal said...

Nice scoop, Winston; and great to see you've been linked at G/P.
Thanks for all your good work.

Ali said...

Absolutely ! This regime is very devilment and racist .