Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Iraq Votes

I am sure the Iranian people are watching the Iraqi elections closely. As citizens of free Iraq are voting in a free and fair election, the Iranian people are struggling to have their voices heard and their demands met. Despite the Iranian regime's evil efforts to destabilize Iraq, the precious democracy has gained a strong foothold in that troubled country and it will inspire many nations across the middle-east to fight for their liberty.

Of course, the ultimate gratitude goes to the United States military for liberating Iraq and to more than 4700 coalition troops who sacrificed their lives to advance the cause of freedom and peace.

An Iraqi citizen's opinion says it all: "A Vote Of Thanks"
    "Democracy has transformed most Iraqis from people who either voted scared or were apathetic to Saddam’s fake election, into people who are driven to vote by a sense of ownership of their country."
As an Iranian, I am envious that our next door neighbor is free. Hopefully our day of liberty will come soon and we'll be living in a free Iran as well. Congratulations to the people of Iraq. They deserve to be free and live in peace....

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