Thursday, April 29, 2010

Death to UN too

A few weeks ago the criminal Mullahs of Iran tried to gain a seat at the UN human rights council but apparently under pressure, they withdrew their bid. But not to be outdone, the United Nation lets them sit at women's right council. How morally bankrupt and retarded an institution like the UN can be?

US Congressman McCotter has issued this statement:
    “By electing the Tehran butchers to its Commission on the Status of Women, a morally rancid United Nations has salted the wounds of the Iranian freedom movement’s regime-murdered martyrs, such as Neda Soltan and Taraneh Mousavi. From today forth, may no friend of Lady Liberty ever be fool enough to trust this global Tammany Hall with their freedom and security.”


Arash said...

Words fail me just like how the UN have failed the people of Iran, time and time again.


Winston said...

UN has failed every one. It's time to dismantle this corrupt organization