Friday, May 14, 2010

Scare tactics

The recent round of unjust executions, handing out sentences to journalists or useless war games are nothing but signs of desperation and anxiety on behalf of the murderous Iranian regime. As the anniversary of last year's fraudulent election approaches, the regime has gone into a panic mode. It is believed that there are more dissidents - at least 17 - on the list to be executed any day now.

The Mullahs have resorted to their infamous 'scare tactics' yet again, to prevent any mass protests in the coming weeks and months. This inhumane regime will not stop these savage actions unless it is toppled and crushed. No negotiation, campaign or interviews will stop this madness. It's really time for crushing this theocracy. It's in our interest to see them crushed and destroyed the way Nazi Germany and imperial Japan were defeated. There is no other way around this dilemma.

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