Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is a superb piece from the Weekly Standard editors about the consequences of inaction on Iran:
    "It’s unclear, for example, that Iran would want to risk broadening the conflict and creating the prospect of regime decapitation. Iran’s rulers have shown that their preeminent concern is maintaining their grip on power."
This is what I've also believed all along. The Iranian leadership is too concerned with their own grip on power to want to risk an all out war with the Great Satan. They will never respond in kind to a direct military attack by the Americans. All these cowards would do is to cry like hapless criminals at the UN. The regime knows full well that any military attack on any US facility, allies or homeland will end their rule in Iran permanently. A confrontation with the US (even the weak USA led by Obama) is not on their wish list.

The recent Op-Ed piece from the New York Times is even better:
    "While the riots of last June did not topple the mullahs, the Islamic Republic is now permanently unstable. Every national holiday has the potential of turning into a day of protest, and the regime must send out hundreds of thousands of security forces, as it did in the days leading up to the anniversary on Saturday."
And yes, the only foreign legitimate entity that can take advantage of this instability within the regime is the government of the United States. But so far, they have done nothing of significance to help us get rid of the criminal Mullahs. A little help will go a long way.

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Rosemary Welch said...

Many good points except one. We have known for a long time that it has been the regime that is training the b*st*rds that are murdering our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they've done squad. Nada. Nothing. (USA) I was hoping President Bush would, but the Congress kept lieing about him and his desire to help the Iranian people.

Now that he's gone, Obama only wants to help the regime and could care less about the people. Tell me, why do the Dems get credit for Human Rights? They couldn't care less, and I couldn't care more. The world is upside-down...