Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bizarrely Stupid VOA

It's now an old story that the Voice of America is the bastion of pro-Iranian regime apologists. here and here. But this new piece on Voice of America is just bizarrely stupid and misleading:
    "Iran's veneer of democratic processes and institutions is cracking over the political landscape."
Really? Who knew Iran was a "democracy", eh? Thanks VOA for reminding us. What do these people at VOA think a true democracy looks like? What institutions of democracy are these morons talking about? The independent judiciary or legislative? Seems "Democracy" is just another cheap label thrown around for the simple purpose of appeasing a ruthless theocracy.


Genevieve said...

No that I'm definding VOA, but in this particular instance I think there's a bit of an over-reaction -

Winston said...

I am not over-reacting. I am simply saying calling Iran even a thin democracy is wrong. When it comes to Iran, the term "Democracy" should not be used. It is a religious tyranny or a theocracy.

Genevieve said...

Yes that is wrong. But democracy being a "farce" as in a "deceptive, superficial show" is a fitting description.

Genevieve said...

They claim their system to be democratic theocracy. No such thing. Anyway, to be more specific this "veneer"(farce/show) of democracy ie. their dehumanizing show trials, continuing to pass even more draconian laws, is deeply disturbing. As is the international community's apparent endorsement of this (BS)"democracy" by continuing to deal with (un)"elected officials", and remaining silent. What's been happening in Iran for a long time now isn't just heinous abuse of human rights, but systematic and an afront to the very idea of democracy. How dare they rape, torture and kill Iran's children, all the while calling it "democracy" and claiming it's for the good of their country.