Saturday, July 24, 2010

Internal Revolt

Persian language Radio Farda quotes the current IRGC commander as saying "there are dissatisfied elements within IRGC that had to be appeased, since appeasing these elements is better than physically countering them". I haven't found an English translation of his speech yet but regime's Fars News website has parts of the speech in English but there is, again, no mention of his 'appeasing' remarks. This is a sign of 'internal revolt' as predicted before. The dissatisfaction with the regime is at all time high among all levels of the Iranian society.

Radio Farda provides the translation a few days after I originally reported on this.

I am constantly getting first hand accounts of how the new round of sanctions has made it difficult for foreign businesses to operate in Iran. Some of my acquaintances who worked for some foreign companies in Iran have lost their jobs. Price of basic necessities are on the rise as the regime is exploring options to drop US Dollar and Euro from its oil transactions. Most foreign based companies have begun laying off their unnecessary personnel or are in process of withdrawing their assets and funds. Still, more EU endorsed sanctions are on the way and will hit the mullahs soon.

Just a week ago, Khamenei issued a bizarre Fatwa demanding obedience from the masses. I'd say this is evidence in proving that the regime's leadership feels it is on shaky grounds and enjoys no significant popular support. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of... When will the world realize that overthrowing the Islamic regime is far better an option than pushing sanctions that may hurt the ordinary people? It is not still late to help us change this demonic regime and replace it with something that represents the true aspirations of our people.

Update 1: Just received a message from inside of Iran that German firm "Siemens" and the giant oil company "Shell" are closing shops in Iran. French communication company "Alcatel" (Owned by US firm Lucent) has begun trimming its employees in its Tehran head office.

Update 2: Banafsheh at Planet Iran has provided us with a better translation of the IRGC commander's speech.

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