Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smack Down

My hero "Ayaan Hirsi Ali" smacks down the Iranian-Canadian host of the CBC Q show.

Watching CBC is like watching the Iranian regime's tv channels and that's why I have never watched it. It's a disgustingly biased leftist propaganda machine that should be dismantled or privatized.


Voltaire's Ghost said...

Ghomeshi obviously is somewhat sceptical of Ali but not completely and in some instances, I think is playing playing devil's advocate rather than geniunely challenging her positions.

By contrast, Gomeshi is William F. Buckley compared to the globally ridiculed, imbecilic performance by Avi Lewis when he interviewed Ali a coupleof years ago.

Voltaire's Ghost said...

Have to modify my earlier comment. I made it half way through the video and he changes tone around there.

Ghomeshi does indeed become both condescending and upset at that point on. Ali is clearly a lot smarter than him and does a good job of putting him in his place when he gets fixated on attaching "left/right" labels on everything.