Sunday, August 15, 2010

LoLing at Obama

America not to be trusted says the regime's parliament speaker. And yet Obama keeps begging these butchers on his knees for mutual respect or negotiations. The Iranian regime was founded on the hatred for the west and particularly for America, therefore there is nothing in this world any one can do to change the Iranian regime's view or hatred of the US or the western infidels.

Obama is again simply displaying his profound lack of intelligence with his repeated calls for talks with the Mullahs. I bet the whole world is 'laughing out loud' at this ignorant American president. What a tragedy! When will this nightmare end?

Talks unacceptable, says Iranian official

جمهوری اسلامی بر پایه دشمنی و نفرت از امریکا بنا شده و این احمق حسین اباما قادر نیست این خصومت اخوندها رو درک کنه و همچنان مشغول التماس از درگاه رژیم اسلامی برای مذاکره و خوشرفتاری هست. فکر میکنم اخوندها و بقیه دیکتاتورهای دنیا هم از ته دل به این احمق کم خرد در حال خندیدن هستند

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