Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He seems to get it

Senator Lieberman (I-CT) gets it. He has delivered a great speech on future of American power at a Council On Foreign Relations meeting. Parts of his speech focused on Iran. I shall let you read it for yourself but here are the parts that struck me as surprisingly important:
    "There is no question that the Iranian regime is under heightened pressure today, both at home and abroad. In addition to the new sanctions, the Green Movement has robbed the Islamic Republic of whatever pretense of legitimacy it ever possessed -- proving once and for all that the regime in Teheran today has become neither “Islamic” nor a “republic,” but a crude military dictatorship."
and as if that wasn't enough he went on saying this:
    "The current leaders of Iran—particularly the IRGC hardliners who have consolidated power in the wake of last year's election—are incapable of compromise on the nuclear program, no matter how much pressure is put on them, because opposition to America and the West is so integral to their very identity."
So far, so good. Then this came along:
    "our best hope to resolve this confrontation is not for the regime to change its behavior, but for the regime itself to be changed."
Holy smoke! Too bad Senator Lieberman is not the president. He sure gets it though.

Eight rights abusers are targeted for sanctions. Not sure how useful it is but well, better than nothing.

The Weekly Standard editorial emphasis on Senator's address.


Coco Rico said...

Thanks for posting this, Winston. Yes, Lieberman is a Democrat I actually like. Very much so.

On my blog I've just brought an Iranian feminist on board, who is lefty on some issues but die-hard opposed to the theocracy in Iran. She's very interesting and blogs under the name Persianne Justice. Keep an eye out for her if you can.


Coco Rico said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I just plugged your work, for what it's worth.

Good eve, Sir.

Arash said...

"...the regime in Teheran today has become neither 'Islamic' nor a 'republic'...”

I beg to differ. This regime is a perfect representation of the barbaric evil that is Islamism.


Winston said...


Louise said...

"Too bad Senator Lieberman is not the president."


Australian Satirist said...

Iran – we sure need to liberate them.