Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hatred must go...

The Iranian freedom movement and Israel:
    "Many have claimed that the anti- Israel aggressions of the Islamic Republic should be documented separately from its human rights record to protect the opposition against regime charges of being “agents of Zionism."


christian soldier said...

Thank you for standing for Freedom!!
enjoyed reading your posts.
Adding your site to my roll...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, maybe its a good idea. The internal crimes of the IRI (not including its genocidal Israel policy) are still enough to warrant regime change:

-Sending children to clear minefields in the 80s

-executing women who have had sex outside of marriage

-chopping off limps for theft

-executing minors

-persecuting bahais and other religious minorities

-detaining and torturing students and journalists who do not share the regime's beliefs

and so on...

Not to mention the damage to the economy due to systemic corruption. Iran is an oil nation that somehow only achieved a 2.6% GDP growth rate last year.

However, if the Iranian opposition wants to be treated seriously they should minimize the the ways in which they can be criticized. The propaganda machines of the IRI and the Arab world have done a good job unjustifiably demonizing Israel and to gain the public's support they may need to distance themselves. Relations can be mended after the idiots are out of power.