Thursday, November 25, 2010

Canada leads again

Canada leads the world again by example. This time it is leading everyone else against the despotic regime of Iran. Who knew Canada would become a bullhorn for those who couldn't be heard before? It makes me proud to be part of this country. A country that stands up for moral clarity and honorable western values.

Prime Minister Harper's wife Mrs. Lauren Harper has stood again and again for the right of the oppressed Iranian women. And Minister Jason Kenney has indicated that Canada will not attend the "hatefest" at that toothless organization known as the United Nations. You know, I am not surprised. Canada is led by a good man with values and courage to stand up for what's right. It's heart warming to see that this country leads by example.

It is time to thank the Canadian government for what they've done for the good guys and dissidents worldwide. It is time to send our gratitude to the Prime Minister Harper's office and tell him how much we appreciate his work.


Rebecca Witonsky said...

I wish to say thank you to the Canadian Prime Minister for supporting Israel and the Iranian freedom struggle. The Canadian PM's heart is in the right place. You can reach me on facebook as I would like to be in email contact with you.

Kafir said...

The USA will always be beholden to Canada for smuggling out several of our embassy staff in 1980. I'll never forget the reaction of the "students" when they found out: "That's illegal!"

Harper is a good man. Let's hope he is reelected and Canada does not fall back into electing lily-livered leftists.