Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reagan's Libyan Dilemma

I have been reading President Reagan's autobiography "an American life" as this past February marked Reagan's 100th birthday. I have watched so many documentaries about him and had read others' account of his life and time in government, but had read little or nothing by him. So this was an eye opener. A man from humble beginning rose to become the 40th US president. It is an inspiring life story. Frankly, I believe President Reagan is probably among the top three great presidents of the 20th century and probably among the top 5 in the US history. Now I was just reading chapter 48 of the book in which he discusses the issue of Libya and Qaddafi's support for international terrorism. On page 292 I came across this paragraph:
    "With hundreds of Americans living in Libya, there were limitations on what we could do in response to this evil man. Through diplomatic back channels, we sent word to Qaddafi that any acts of terrorism directed at Americans would be considered acts of war and we would respond accordingly. After the dogfight over the Gulf of Sidra, I hoped he realized I meant what I said."
Compare and contrast the above leadership style with the pathetic and weak leadership of Obama in dealing with the genocidal maniac in Tripoli. Obama has used that same line of reasoning to avoid taking action against the Libyan dictator, whereas President Reagan had no qualms about how to proceed with his own Libyan dilemma in 1980s. ex-Sen. Obama (the current US president) is truly the second coming of that other loser Jimmy Carter.
How sad! [+]


saggezard said...

Tunisia and Egypt fell in weeks, relatively costless to the people. We will see the outcome, which does not seem bright, in my opinion. I am also perplexed by US dragging its feet, considering the fact that anything is better than Ghadhafi. But the problem becomes more complex with the Europeans having cozied up to Ghadhafi, and the obvious reasons why bigger oil reserves lead to a bloodier fight for freedom. We should learn and adapt to this form of policy when it is time for Iran to become free from the Islamic Republic of death.

Debbie said...

Obama fooled a lot of people. There were many completely uninformed who simply got caught up in the election of a Black president.

Well, we are all reaping the tragic results now, the entire world is suffering.

As I posted earlier, Obama is at the very least, a narcissistic, and probably worse.

Right Truth

saggezard said...

What on earth is the SAS doing in Libyan rebel areas, protecting BP's contracts with Ghadhafi? Where are you Daiee Jan Napoleon?

Winston said...

I wondered....

Maya M said...

I, too, miss Reagan.

Maggie said...

Winston you have it correct in most respects.

I find myself at odds with many people because I want to see the dog Gadhafi get his come uppance.

A strong President would not have backed away like that, but would have been relentless in doing all that is possible to force Gadhafi to either leave or stop killing the Libyans.