Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vote Conservative

I'd like to urge my Canadian readers to "Vote Conservative" on May 2nd. I am officially endorsing Harper's agenda and his party's platform now.

The stakes are too high to vote for any body else this time around. Prime Minister Harper has stood for what's right. He has been a great leader and an outstanding defender of stability, liberty and prosperity in Canada and abroad.

Prime Minister Harper was among the very first western leaders to denounce the post-election violence perpetrated against the protesters in Iran. Way before Obama or others did, of course.

Remember that other parties, especially the Liberals, have always been appeasing the Islamic regime of Iran. A vote for the Liberal party is a vote for appeasement of the Iranian dictatorship. A Conservative majority led by Stephen Harper can do a lot more to advance the cause of liberty and democracy in Iran and else where. He'll have a greater mandate and more freedom to do what is right. So again, I'd like to urge you, if you are a Canadian reader, to consider voting for your Conservative party candidate.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

"A vote for the Liberal party is a vote for appeasement of the Iranian dictatorship."


Carl said...

Canada's Conservatives score massive election win

Carl said...

Canada Throws Its Own Tea Party