Monday, May 16, 2011

Useless State Dept.

The Iranian regime is imploding, the brave Syrian people have been fighting for their rights for weeks. Guess What's the foreign policy arm of the United States, aka the State Dept, doing to help facilitate positive change?

They're twitting and facebooking it. I have been active on the twitterverse for years now and have been following the State Dept's feeds on facebook and twitter since they came out a little while ago. There's nothing useful about what they do. It is a waste of time and money. They're basically copy-pasting whatever me and you can find on mainstream media or Persian language media outlets.

What they should be doing is to help link the Iranians inside of Iran to each other, not copy-pasting stupid stuff about what someone in the halls of the State department might have said about the situation in Iran. I guess I am expecting too much from an incompetent and highly partisan group of people in the US State Dept. As long as Obama is in office, there will not be reliable support for the dissidents in Iran, Syria or Libya. These guys in the White House and else where are bunch of inexperienced nitwits who can not tell right from wrong.

So much for hope & change!

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