Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lebanonizing Iraq

Iranian regime will turn Iraq into another Lebanon beginning January 1st, 2012. Why? Because a weak and intensely ideologue empty suit aka 'Obama' has decided to play politics with a newly liberated nation and the US national interests. Thus giving the Islamic regime of Iran a clear victory in the region.

Hassan Nasrallah the thug who heads Lebanon's terror group Hezballah has already declared this as an historic defeat for the United States. Does Obama understand the enormous repercussions of his stupid decision? The US military pull out from Iraq will enable the Iranian regime to bring Iraq further into its own sphere of influence and destabilize the only true Arab democracy in the heart of the middle-east.

Will Obama be able to hold his head high 20 years from now if the gains made in Iraq go the wrong way? I doubt it since he doesn't seem to care. All Obama cares about is himself and his own ego. America 'elected' an idiot in 2008 and is now paying a heavy price for that stupidity. Shame!


Pom puppy said...

I'll go you one better......Obama said that he has invited Al Maliki to come to the WH in Dec when the last of the U.S. troops are leaving....I predict that IRI will pull some kind of stunt in Iraq while Maliki is out of town. (remember Putin invading Georgia while he was at the Olympics?)

Anonymous said...

shahanshah ma zende bada payad keshvar be farrash javedan.dorud bi payan ba khandan saltanati ariyamehr.