Monday, January 23, 2012

Iran's Economy

It is difficult to assess how individuals are doing financially these days. But the main indicators show that the Iranian economy is in a nose dive. Soon, there'll be shortages of basic items as the regime's power to purchase is dwindling. The recent wave of sanctions have had a devastating affect on Iran's currency as well. For instance, one US dollar is now equal to 20,000 Rial (Rial is Iran's official currency). A few months ago, a US dollar was around 11,000 Rial. (Every 10 Rial is 1 Toman which means a US dollar is around 2000 Toman). Technically Rial has lost more than 25% of its value in the past 2 weeks. An economic crash is all but inevitable in Iran now.

Obviously these new sanctions are crippling Iran's economy. Will it stop the regime's drive to acquire nuclear weapons? No. So what should be done? Frankly, nothing short of regime change in Iran will stop that. Sanctions or no sanctions, pre-emptive strikes or no strikes, diplomacy or isolation, none will work with these thugs.

A peaceful regime change in Iran will put an end to the current state of affairs. Put the Iranian people out of their misery by ending this brutal regime's life please.


Guido Zichichi said...

What's your expertise in economics? What economic indicators are you talking about? The World Bank said three days ago that Iran is going to be ok in 2012, do you have more info than them? Many economists think, also, that tha falling rate is merely "too much of a good thing", because it's going to have a positive effect on iranian export, helping the economy.
So, if you have some datas to say what you say, please, answer.

zloibutcher said...

Western propoganda

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