Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New platform

I realize I have not been an active blogger for a while. Right after 2009-2010 turmoil in Iran, I felt depressed and traumatized like many of my fellow compatriots in and out of Iran. Having said that, I am looking for new platforms to continue my blogging and punditry. My twitter account has served as a mini blogging vessel/opportunity though, and you're more than welcome to follow my rants there.
I have had this weblog for about 7 years now and considering the situation in Iran and else where, I'd definitely like to have a bigger, better platform to continue writing and commenting. (now owned by Google) is not what it used to be and it does not deliver the punch I so crave in doing this.
In the meantime, please keep checking back here and please have a look at my  twitter account.
I will be looking for more stable blogging platforms and once I find one, this blog will be transferred to that platform.

Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...

There is so much noise out there with so many messages hourly that it is extremely difficult to get any message out. Our enemies know this as well and purposely flood the web spaces with lies, uncertainty, and doubt.

Lysol said...

Hi Winston.

I'm a long time reader of your blog, but I hadn't checked it in a while.

I tried to go to your Twitter account and it say that your account has been suspended. Do you have a new account?

webasura said...

Good luck to you. But I don't understand why one has to be "zionist" in order to work for the liberation of Iran from the vice-like grip of this alien priesthood.

Winston said...
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Winston said...

Lysol, I fixed the twitter account's problem.

Ankur said...

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