Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've got Hate-Mail

"I often get my fair share of hate mails from liberals, terrorists and insane people but so far, this tops them all:"
Sent by: (Josh Wright):
"Winston?" really you're such coward chickenshit that you cannot even reveal your own goddamn name and hide behind a pussified name, Winston! LOL! Churchil was an insufferable douchebag, are you a douche of a brown variety? You really think people would take you seriously, "Winston"?  I bet even Israeli terrorists would laugh their ass off at your extreme retardation. Neocon my ass you're self hating cunt as simple as that."
The problem is that this hateful anti-Semite has never heard of George Orwell's '1984' novel. Goes to show how public education has caused severe mental anguish and depravity among leftist thugs. I think I have a very good idea who this 'Josh Wright' can be. After all I have been bugging the Iranian regime lobbyists on twitter (@niacouncil, @tparsi, @jabdi, @hmajd @rezaAslan... et al) for days. But again, I gotta laugh at his lack of basic literary knowledge and all that!

Our hateful pal can't hide his racist character well. Just got this second hate mail a few moments ago from the same dubious anti-semite Josh Wright:
    "But hey, you're not even that! haha!
    Start brown nosing more pro apartheid cretins and they may consider giving you a 'blog' to write. Just like that fuckface Ahamari. Of course, you should call it: I'm a self hating Iranian and I'm lovin' it! or or neo-con douche of Persian variety. Here's to your promotion to another pro apartheid useful idiot!
    Happy Friday dickface!"


Anonymous said...

That idiot isn't worth 2 seconds of anyone's time.

prairie dog said...

Although...he did wish you a "Happy Friday...."

webasura said...

He called you "self-hating"? The Iranis that support the regime or its alien priesthood have lost all concept of the Iranian "self" centuries ago.