Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The hatred goes deep

Every time I speak with my friends inside of Iran I can sense the depth of hate that ordinary Iranians have for their oppressors. 

A few days ago I was speaking to a trusted buddy of mine who was full of boiling rage against the regime's systematic destruction of Iran's natural resources. Iran is going through one of its worst draughts in history and many rivers, lakes and national parks are suffering from it. 

People blame the Islamic regime for these problems, and other social and economic ills. Yet they can't help unshackled themselves from the yoke of the Ayatollahs. The hate for this cruel regime runs deep. 

I still believe that given the right amount of financial, moral and political support we can overthrow the murderous Iranian regime.  And we must do so. This regime must go.

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Occams Stubble said...

I so wish we had a president who would've supported the Green revolution. Maybe our next president will have some backbone.