Thursday, March 9, 2006


Just got this from an American friend of mine who is very dedicated to the freedom of the Iranians.

That is what my friend said:
    I'm very angry. I'm angry over the loss of lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm angry because the f***g politicians here don't understand that it is all in vain if they don't get rid of the regime in Iran FAST. People are dying every day in Iraq because of the support that the terrorists get from Iran. It's not fair to the innocent Iraqis being killed or our soldiers. They can't continue to allow people to be killed in Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan while they're in meetings month after month playing diplomatic games. I'm sick of it!


Anonymous said...

If Iraq is to be a free and democratic and prosperous country in the future, Iran has to be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Winston: Please check out this blog. It's insane.

Anonymous said...

Very true,
America just missed the target in Middleeast. They should first start to get rid of Mother of all Terrosism.

Anonymous said...

UN 'has less than a year' to stop Iran going nuclear,,251-2078412,00.html

Anonymous said...

سلام عزیز لطفا یک میل بزن کار واجبی پیش آمده . قربانت فرشاد

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Iraq and Afghanistan will be failures and we will not win this War on Terrorism until the regime in Iran is destroyed.

Every day that they are allowed to remain as the leaders and government in Iran, more people are killed, tortured, maimed.


Anonymous said...

I believe our action in Iraq had more several purposes, one of which was to prepare a staging ground for future dealings with Iran. We cannot put forward a credible military posture to the Mullahs without a base from which to rattle our sabres. The support being given to Iraqi 'insurgents' is not invisible; our presense in Iraq has served to attract those with whom we will doubtlessly have future conflicts. Best to get them out into the open, where we can get a better shot at them.

Washington, USA

Anonymous said...

Well, you guys need to think about what you read or hear. Marcus Aurelius says that "Everythink we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth". Then lets think about what we hear, we see, or we read.

Iran will benefit from an stable Iraq. (Haven't you heard the joke about the winner of US-Iraq war?). Insurgencies in neighbouring Iraq will penetrate into Iranian borders. (and it already has).

read this to see how others think about the issue.

By the way, did your friend (who cares about "innocent Irqis") ever say anything about those "innocent Irquis" killed by Americans? (e.g. in Fallujah.)

Winston said...

You mean innocent terrorists in Falluja?