Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Iran: Military Exercise near the US borders

It is not a joke! This may sound like a bad joke but it is coming out of the mouths of some serious folks inside the Iranian leadership.

An Iranian hardliner party which controls both the Islamic parliament and the government, named Abadgaran, has suggested that Iran should conduct a military exercise with Cuba, Venezuela and other anti-America countries in that region of the world to send a message to the United States of America.

Aftab News, the mouthpiece of the Abadgaran party (also here) writes about this on its web site in Persian language.

It reads (It's in Persian & I'll translate):

The head of the Abadgaran political party "Hasan Bayadi" (He is the Vice President of the city council of Tehran) has suggested to the Iranian Ministry of defense to conduct war games near the borders of the America to show the strength of the Iranian military.

He continues: Every year the US military conducts wargames near countries such as North Korea, Syria or Iran that are not friendly to the USA to show them how mighty the US military is and the Americans have also invaded our air space and interior waters -they say it is not intentional- under the pretext of occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to send us a message and the message these invasions of our airspace have is that "We can attack you and you are never safe from our military threat and the shadow of fear will always cover your countries"...

Therefore, we, recommend to the new Iranian defense minister to take the initiative and prepare a military exercise with the countries of the western hemisphere such as Cuba and Venezuela.

The article adds: It is, for sure, a very hard thing to do and the costs of such action is too high but it sends a clear message (it has a positive outcome) to the master of politics around the world.

He also mentions the example done by the prophet of Islam during the battle of Tabouk in which the Muhammad's army was preparing for a battle exercise with the Roman emperor.

He ends his suggestion by adding this war game with our allies in that region, near the US borders, will pave the way for military cooperations with the regional governments and it will also be a stage for Iran's military to show to world, especially the Imperialists, how strong it is and finally it is also a chance and a great advantage for the Iranian armed services to test their capablities with our allied countries overseas.
I told you it ain't a joke!
پیشنهاد آبادگران: مانور نظامی کنار مرزهای امریکا
آفتاب: حزب آبادگران جوان به وزارت دفاع جمهوری اسلامی پیشنهاد داد که در کنار کشور امریکا، مانورهای نظامی برگزار کند


Anonymous said...

perfect man, keep writing Winston.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if they did.

Anonymous said...

شما طرفدار بوش و سياست‌های نو محافظه‌کاران هستيد. اين عقيده شخصی شماست و قابل احترام. اما چرا با ايرانيان دشمنی داريد؟ در مورد کیفیت کمک‌های آمریکا در راه آزادی دیگر ملت‌ها لطفن کمی با عراقی‌ها درد دل کنید تا مشت نمونه خروار بر شما آشکار شود. ايرانيان همانقدر به کمک آمريکا احتياج دارند که عراقی‌ها داشتند.

OMMAG said...

It would be a very good excuse to sink their ships and embargo a few more south American shitholes.
A for Cuba...Fidel already knows what comes from this kind of excercise. If it were done the fallout could very well put the old fool out of business once and for all.

Winston said...

اول مرسي كه سر زدي ثانيا شما با عراقيها حرف بزن ببين از رفتن صدام راضين يا نه؟
من با خيلياشون حرف زدم و همه از رفتن صدام خوشحالن. اين مشكلات امنيتي عراق هم تقصير مولايان و مزدوران حكومت ايران هستش نه امريكا. مثل اينكه القائات حكومت رو همه تاثير گذاشته

Anonymous said...

Thank you rokgoo for your comment.

Iranians don't need Americans to become democratic. This is something that the right has trouble understanding.
Neo-Cons are enemies of Iranian people as they have constantly indicated their extreme position by taking unreasonable and ridiculously out of range hard measures towards Iran and Iranian people.


leap_frog said...

This is the same thing that USSR did during the cold war, the US will no doubt handle it well.

The Iranian government is a world threat, period.

When we lived in Sweden, the nicest and warmest people I met were Iranian - Christians of course as the Muslim Iranian women were not allowed to socialize with me...
They thought we were Americans.

Once at the beginning of our stay, the 'Muslim' children on the playground started to gang up on my daughter because they thought she was American and started calling her nasty names and throwing rocks... until I showed up with security! LOL
Nothing like a pissed off mom to straighten things out pretty quick and it was an Iranian mother who helped us, not a swedish or a muslim mom.

When I hear of disgruntled Americans wanting to go to Sweden I laugh my ass off, as no one is more hated by everybody in sweden, than the Americans. In fact they judge you on that right from the start, but on second thought might be a good place for the self-loathing ones to go live, they'd fit right in.

Surfice to say, we'd never live in fascist Sweden again and I truly had high expectations when we went there...

I live in reality now ...just another infidel neo-con.

Anonymous said...

some funny comments from here(http://s0bhaneh.org/2006/04/03/15929/#comments).

# بله، رزمناو انمی "ولایت" و ناوهواپیمابر "دل دل" که جنگنده های فوق مدرن "باقرالفضا" را حمل می کند، به همراه زیردریای های اتمی "تیمم" می توانند با حمله به مواضع دشمن فرضی در کنار گوانتانامو در کوبا، آمادگی غیور مردان ایران اسلامی را در دفاع از آب و خاک جمهوری اسلامی ایران، در هر کجای دنیا که باشد، به رخ جهانیان بکشند.

# ناو هواپيمابر "دُل دُل"!!! :-)) دل دل به معني قاطر سياه و سفيد است، نه؟

# البته شايسته بود كه از جنگنده - بمب‌افكن - ره‌گير- شكاري‌هاي "عنقاي فقاهت" كه به بمب‌هاي اكليل سرنجي موسوم به "ابابيل" مسلح هستند نيز ذكري به ميان آيد.

# از سوالات حاج فضل الدوله آباد نشان به خدمت حاج آقا: روز هشتم مانور در جايي نزديك سواحل فلوريدا در جنوب شيطان بزرگ با حاج جواد و کربلايي اصغر با دوربين نگاه ميکرديم به مواضع دشمن که رويم به ديوار چشمان ما افتاد به ساحل. ضعيفه ها يي بودند که هيچ بر تن نداشتند و ما سريعا واجب الغسل شديم. از محضر آن بزرگوار سئوالي دارم که با اطلاع بر اين قضيه که اين کفار سگان خود را به ساحل مياورند آيا امکان غسل ترميمي در آبهاي فلوريدا مي باشد يا نه؟

# اجراي تاكتيك‌هاي "استبراء"، "تخلي" و جنگ الكترونيك براي پنهان سازي "مبطلات صدا دار وضو" از سوي نيروهاي جان از كف در رفته نظامي ايران نيز ميتواند دشمن فرضي را به شدت سردرگم كند.

آهو said...
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Anonymous said...

سلام وينستون جان
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Anonymous said...

سلام وينستون جان

...آخوند جماعت ، کُرکُری زياد ميخونه
حتم دارم با ناوشکن های ببر و پلنگ و آرتميز ميخوان
!مانورهای نظامی برگزار کنن
درضمن اين دوستان وبلاگنويس بعضی اوقات حرف هائی
...ميزنن (در مورد کمک آمريکا ) که
اين رژيم ۲۷ ساله شد و حالا چی ؟؟؟
حتمآ اگر کشورهای کمونيستی ميخواستند به ايران
.کمک کنن ، اين دوستان ابراز خُرسندی ميکردن

Anonymous said...

ولی انگاری خبر ندارن که کشورهای کمونيستی پيشا پيش کمک هاشون را به رژيم اسلامی کردند

Ronbo said...

I've believed for the last two years that war between the USA and Iran was inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Salam Ahoo ye aziz,
Don't give a damn to what islamist, commies and US-phobics are saying in your weblog. I have always enjoyed reading it. keep the good job. And please don't pay attention to bulshits.
You have to say what you think is right, and remember history shows, people who are right always in minority at the begining.

look at those negative comments in a hillarious way, sometimes you need to laugh at the morons.

and if you can't stand it just delete those

Anonymous said...

Today you decide to remove "their" comments because you don't like them, tomorrow when you become part of your "free iran" and actually run the country, you "physically" remove those people whom you can't stand their view points...That's exactly what Mullahs did to the iranian people..

The funny thing is that you are so clear about "removing" other people's ideas in the case you don't like them that I am a bit worried for "my dear Iran" if you call yourself a "freedom fighter"...

Winston! show how (liberal!!!) you are by removing my comment...

Anonymous said...

You know Arman, what's your problem?
You extrapolate everything.
Who talks about physcial elemination?!
I didn't ask Ahoo to do policing for the Society. She own her weblog.

Anonymous said...

Great reading :-D
I'm sure that especially Cuba and Venezuela will feel very inspired when they know that mohammad did the same 1300 years ago.
How can anyone reject such offer...