Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Protests in Tehran

There are confirmed reports from inside of Iran about students protesting in and around the University of Tehran, mainly at Kuy-e-Daneshgah where famous protests against the regime were held in July of 1999 and June & July of 2003.

This can be a very important moment. I really think these guys need massive support right now to be able to achieve some thing, at least if we expect the change to come from inside of Iran.

A blogger says there are about 2000 students clashing with the security officers in western parts of Tehran where their campus is located. Many were detained, 40 police officers injured and 200 students wounded. He says, it started by a group of 20-30 students and then more people joined the crowd.

Another blogger reports on the ground in Persian language

These kids can't do much if they are not supported.

IRNA (regime's news agency) runs a report on this event

Images of Tehran protests via ISNA (Bottom of the page)

I have already posted some pictures of demonstrations and I hope to spread the word as much as I can. Major media outlets must pick such stories but they always don't because they are clueless about the oppression Iranians live under these days.

A student writes about this in Persian / BBC Persian reports via IRNA /BBC Persian Weblog confirms the story as well / Google search results / German DW runs a report on the protest in Tehran in Persian language /

Students of Zanjan University and Orumiya University in west of Iran, have also joined the protests according to confirmed reports from inside of the country, that is what I learned about through phone calls I made to friends inside of Iran.

Police clash with students

Leave the nukes, take care of us; One banner reads

Tabriz rally against the regime

I'll keep an eye on this and update you as it happens!
Stay tuned...

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Egyptian Sand Monkey takes on this story

Little Green Football picks up this story

Update 1: Students will hold protests today against the regime

Update 2: Protests in city of Kermanshah, west of Iran


Anonymous said...

سلام وينستون جان

ممنون از خبرها ... جز کشتار هيچی در بر نداره / اين حرکتها احتياج به يک رهبر داره که سازماندهی بشه
اين لينک را ديدی ؟

Dinah Lord said...

Thank you Winston! If it wasn't for you I would have no idea that this was going on in Iran.

The American MSM remains too busy reporting the antics of the Bush Lied crowd to be bothered with the worsening conditions in
Iran - they have a President to bring down!

Oh, how they yearn for the glory days of Watergate.


See you later - Dinah

Louise said...

Wow!! Good luck to them.

Guelph First said...

Good, but it wouldn't surprise me to see them being supported without our knowledge.
A public show of support would be nice,

Anonymous said...

Is there any anti-regime leaders that people are gathering around?
I periodically hear of the former Shahs son mentioned but how viable is that?
Ultimately change will have to come from within. I have known many persians and cannot believe that they are this passive.

Aryamehr said...

Reports of unrest in Kermanshah

Gadfly said...


Rock on Iranian students.

I guess the human spirit hasn't been so successfully crushed after all.

programmer craig said...

I don't even want to look at the pictures because I don't want to jinx it with my American-ness :o

Thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

I pray for the safety of all protestors and the safety of those reporting on their behalf. Do not stop speaking out and protesting!

Rosemary Welch said...

I have called on WH to have a Press Conference or a speech to let the Iranian students know we support them. I also asked the president to say something to the extent of: "We would expect any civilized country to allow freedom of expression without fear of reprisal. We expect Iran to honor this."

This way, who can say we are wrong for demanding the same thing everyone demands from us?

Anonymous said...

The protesters seem to be smart enough to realize that allowing this regime to develop nuclear weapons would be the worst thing that could ever happen to Iran.

Let Iranians have universal human rights and individual freedoms, then they probably wouldn't waste the money on nuclear weapons, but even if they did, who cares - it's not likely an Iranian democracy would ever use them.

Papa Ray said...

Your doing good work, keep it updated. God protect those brave young people.

I'm passing along a link to your post.

Papa Ray
West Texas

BHCh said...


These are some brave kids. What can we do to support them?

Papa Ray said...

Gunfire is heard from all directions... There is blood everywhere...

Government forces kill six in north-west Iran riots

Papa Ray

Anonymous said...

WOW I mean wow. I think this is the beginning of a new era for Iran. The faith of your nation lies within your hands now. I hope Tehran is not "cocooned" in his reality bending islamic bubble like most sadistic leaders are. I bet he's not even aware of the protests. It would explain his reaction when the world condemend him for insighting the destruction of Israel. Sad really I hope you drag him out kicking and screaming!