Thursday, June 1, 2006

A Video Clip From Iran's Protests

This is an eight minute long video clip showing thousands of people marching down the streets of Tabriz in NW of Iran during last week protests.

Yes, the massive protests in NW of Iran and later in Tehran were about more than a useless cartoon. They were part of a bigger problem and showed us a great deal of dissatisfaction with the regime among the people of Iran.

Watch the video & spread the word

Btw- I am, unfortunately, unable to recognize what people say in the video but it is clear that they were chanting slogans.

Video taken from an Iranian blogger writing in both Persian & Azari language


S S M said...

Hey what up Winston?! It was some time that I was losing my habit to argue with you!! Take care !

Rosemary Welch said...

Wow! I'm glad he was alert enough to catch as much as he did with his video. Thank you, Winston. Have a nice evening.

Anonymous said...

حوادث اين روزهاي جامعه ايران ناشي از عدم درك حاكميت در مقابل مردم است اما از انطرف فعالين سياسي و يا بهبيان ديگر مدافعين جامعه مدني هم درك درستي از خواست مردم ندارندو هر كدام به ديد خود ماجرا را انطور مي بيند اما بهر حال بايد با شناخت صحيح و كامل از جامعه ايران و مردم ان به براورده شدن مطالبات مردم كمك كرد نه اينكه مردم را سپر بلاي هدف خود بكنيم اميدوارم تمام انهايي كه شعارهاي مردم دارانه مي دهند مردم را فراموش نكنند

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the MSM is ignoring this!
I'd like to shove this in the face of every executive at CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and asked them "WHY???"
Is this getting any tv airplay in Europe?

Anonymous said...

توده مردمي در جامعه ايران با مشكلات بسيار زيادي دست و پنجه نرم مي كند و از اين حيث منتظر جرقه اي هست تا نارضايتي خود را نشان دهد و از انجا كه تحمل هزينه هاي سنگين را بر دوش ضعيف خود ندارد به مسائل جزئي گير مي دهد و از مسائل كلي و مهم غافل مي ماند اما وظيفه نهادهاي مدني و اشخاصي كه به نوعي براي حمايت از جامعه و مردم قدم بر مي دارند اين است كه براي احقاق حق مردمتلاش كنند نه اينكه صرفا مردم را تشويق به هزينه دادن بكنند و خود ميدان را خالي كنند

Anar said...

Hi winston,

I am very willing to know you opinion on the recent news, condoleeza rice's conditional offer for talks and Iran's rejection. What is your view?

Aryamehr said...

Yes I saw that clip this morning. It really goes to show what a massive participation there was in Tabriz however the person who uploaded that video clearly is a Pan-Turanian belonging to the "Grey Wolf" faction of this movement who is trying to depict this massive anti-IRI demonstration as a "anti-Iran" demonstration! These lowlives are doing their best to tear Iran into pieaces and i've seen some of their supporters amongst those in the crowds showing their infamous "Grey Wolf" sign (done in the shape of a bullshorn). You can research their movement further and an excellent article written by Kaveh Farrokh on how Pan-Turanism is taking aim at Iranian Azerbaijan.

None the less such an anti-Iranian movement like theirs will not be able to hijack this truly IRANIAN freedom movement. I do believe that if Iranian Azeri's were aware of this threat to their nation (Pan-Turanism) they would have thrown the bastards showing the "Grey Wolf" signs out of their protest. The Pan-Turanists are doing their best making this look like a movement in support of the seperation of Azerbaijan from the motherland Iran!

Please be aware of the propaganda and it sure as hell wouldn't surprise me if the western press supports any effort towards the disintegration or "Balkanization" of Iran. In the end it will only remain that "an effort" because Iranians will fight to their last blood defending their motherland. Iranian Azeri's will be the first ones to confront any attempt to secede Iranian territory.

Forgive me for the rather long comment but I had to make this clear to everyone.

More power to Iranian Azeri's demanding freedom and for their rights to be recognized.

Anonymous said...

Rice's Reversal On Iran Policy Irks Santorum
Eli Lake's article read here: