Friday, October 13, 2006

Self haters

I am about to leave for Los Angeles and before doing so, I'd like to tell you about the people I came across in San Francisco. People who hate their own government and even have no desire of working for, what they call it, their oppressive country. One thing you notice in cities like San Francisco, Bay area and other left wing cities, is the people's hatred for their own selves and the sense of self-victimization among the so-called intellectuals. You know, they feel the world hates the US and its people and it is their fault that the universe hates them.

It's just amazing to see people who were lucky enough to be born and raised in the US but hate the very country that has given them freedom to hate this or that.

Many people told me that president Bush wants to hurt my country and when I told them no, he doesn't wish to do so and he is a honorable man, many started yelling at me or asking me if I live in this planet. I asked them would it be okay for you guys to see people of Europe under the rule of Nazis or Iraqis being tortured or killed under the rule of Saddam and all I heard was that Bush lied, we invaded a country that never hurt the US and the most funny thing they told me was that they need to see more evidence of Nazis crimes or Saddam's crimes against their own people. To them, America is the world's biggest oppressor since the US is oppressing Cubans, Mexicans, Iraqis, Iranians and even Europeans. To them, Sept. 11th terrorist attacks could be an inside job and the US is fighting the terrorism for more oil and natural resources. They are for illegal immigration from Latin America to the US. They are for appeasing the Mullahs of Iran. These people don't understand what a weak US means and when I told them that a less strong US won't be able to stand against the communist China or Islamic militants, they seemed not to care. They have been raised in such a safe and free country that they can't fathom what real oppression means or does.

These people's mentality is sick. I have no doubt about it. They hate themselves to a point where they can't see others at all. It was incredible to see how they dislike every thing about themselves.

They couldn't understand when I kept telling them most of the world's hatred for the US is based on jealousy and historical animosity but they were really unable to comprehend it. It's really unfortunate that these people have closed their eyes on reality and live in their miserable land of dreams in which they have no sense of honor and understanding.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!It's almost as if they feel guilty for being such free and prosperous nation. It's truly sick that they can't see that this type of mentality will lead to the demise of everything they supposedly stand for,namely, liberty, freedom of speech, gay rights, women rights, human rights, workers right and so on. How truly scary and pathetic.

"We expect your retaliation; it's what unites us and divides you."
....brilliantly sums up everything that has happened since 9/11. We are dangerously divided over this issue, and it will be our downfall.

It is the most succinct description of the tragic dichotomy plaguing democratic nations and free societies both East and West.

Anonymous said...

"They have (been) raised in such a safe and free country that they can't fathom what real oppression means or does."


Anonymous said...

You should tell them that they should be willing to trade places with many Iranian young people. Since they hate being from the US, and are sure that we are the worst country in the world, they should be more than happy to live in that paradise that is Iran under the Mullahs.

Tell them you'll be glad to help them find someone willing to trade places with them.

Winston said...

I sure did tell them to trade their place with some of my Iranian buddies

Rosemary Welch said...

They have been raised by day-care, the Left controls the schools (the kick out the conservative teachers), and they have no other compass. They are taught that homosexuality is fine, there should be no borders, commies are nice people (better dead than red!), animals have the worth as people, but abortions are the right of the woman because it is her body (forgetting about the FATHER) and a whole bunch of nonsense.

The one thing they are not allowed to talk about in school is God and how He is intrinsically part of our history. How do they do this? THEY DON'T TEACH HISTORY!

The real scary thing? They get to vote...

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very Happy Birthday to the Shahbanou. May She see a free Iran tomorrow.
Your observations of self haters in USA is quite true. As an American I am constantly amazed how these pampered people come to these far left (lets use the no no word communist) views.
Alas, because the president, honorable as he is, has been a very uneffective politician and we are about to fall, at least in the House, under a leftest legislature.
I mourn for Iran and it is always in my prayers.
Daniel Sullivan, NY

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your insights. Yes there are many who whine and whinge that America is no longer a democracy. These indoctrinated and misguided folks have never lived and if they are fortunate, to awaken from their slumber of utter naiveté, they may not have to do so.
I, for one, admire your courage; and, too, as there are many Iranians residing in Toronto. Many, if not most, realise the madness and terror, which has befallen their country in the past number of decades.
We, who are blessed to live in a democracy, and thus far, Canadians have not tasted our own blood and ashes, must learn to pull together. Moreover, we must unseat and destroy those hell-bent on annihilating not solely the Western-Democracies, but, as well, their own people.
Great site, thanks.