Monday, October 16, 2006

What makes US great

Since my return from the US, I have kept asking myself what makes the United States a great country and a better place to live and I couldn't find any better answer than this simple word: COMPETITION.

Yes, competition makes the USA a great and nice place for all of its residents. And that's why every thing is cheaper in the States than Canada and higher quality stuff can be found south of the border. It's a sad truth that competition doesn't really exist in Canada and other parts of the world. As an anti-religion individual, I have to admit that even religious competition in the US has made a big difference in the way of life.

To better understand the US, I recommend Mark Steyn's new book America Alone which explains why the US is a great country and will remain one for many years to come. It's really important to help keep America a strong country since it will be the last standing fortress against the forces of darkness and evil in this century.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Winston. I am visiting through a link left by a commenter over on AllThingsBeautiful and I like your blog. I am curious about something, however. When you say "As an anti-religion individual...", are you saying you are against organized religion or that you are an atheist, or something else? I am not casting nets here, but asking so that I don't assume something as I read your posts. For the record, I am a Christian who believes that there is nothing wrong with organized religion, just with some of the organizers. :)