Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas in Tehran

I have found some pictures of Christmas celebrations taken yesterday in the Christian neighborhood of east Tehran. But it is more about christmas...

Pictures, More Images, Here you go And this one

Nice pictures, right?

Well, some mullahs' Double Agent (aka Fars/Alan Peters...etc) in the Iranian community claim that these pictures are not taken this year or Christianity is not practiced in Iran any more due to repressive behaviors of the new government led by Ahmadinejad. Well, since these dinasours have been out of Iran for far too long, nothing out of their mouths can be accepted as a fact. But the fact of the matter is that Iran, however oppressive, is not like Cuba, Saudi Arabia or North Korea. It has never been like Iraq of Saddam Hussein either. In Iran, as long as you're an official christian or a jew, you're accepted and tolerated but if you are an ex-muslim trying to convert to any thing then you'll definitely be arrested and prosecuted. Therefore the above pictures are not propaganda put up by the regime, yet it is showing us that Iranian people from different walks of life want to be free and do what the rest of the world is doing.

The above mentioned liar, and people like him, do all their best to misinform the westerners about the realities of Iranians life on the ground and misrepresent those who can't represent themselves, to take advantage of naivity of the westerners, especially Americans. While it is so unfortunate, it is also our duty to expose them and make them disappear for good.

Update 1: Now he claims that he knows me and that I am pro-mullahs. What an old freak he must be... LOL


Anonymous said...

Exactly who is this Alan Peters and how on earth would he know what it's like in Iran today?

Winston said...

It's that "FARS" on and he claims to be an Iranian who also worked for the late Shah of Iran and god knows what he is really up to

programmer craig said...

I can't really comment about that guy, I guess, since I don't know anything about him or his blog.

But there are a lot of Armenians in Iran, and that's one of the oldest Christian communities there is. And if they were being denied their right to practice their religion, it would be all over the news.

What I can't understand is what his possible agenda would be for lying about something like this.

BTW, just so you know, Iraq has a fairly large Christian community (Chaldean and Assyrian I think) and they did fairly well under Saddam.

Winston said...

exactly... He thinks Iran is like North Korea and if you start disagreeing with these dummies, they will call you Pro-Mullahs too.

What an idiot

Aryamehr said...

Hey Winston,

Not sure what is going on with you and "Alan Peters" but lets not try to paint a positive picture of what our religious minorities have to endure! Yes the christians, jews, and zoroastrians are recognized relgius minorities and "accepted" (looks very good on paper!) - but in reality numerous discriminatory policies are in place which prohibit Iranian christians/jews/zoroastrians from political life or achieving any high position of influence. Bahais are not even recognized and top IRI officials have issued orders for a harsh crackdown on them.

Muslims converting out of Islam face death.

Just last week tens of Iranian christians have been arrested for running "underground churches". Potkin has an entry on them. Throughout this year many Iranian christians have been arrested and in the past the Islamic Republic have killed tens of Iranian priests and christians.

Anyways i don't think you're a "IRI supporter" and hope you can resolve any problems that might have could be a simple mis-understanding - if you have written that "religious minorities in Iran have it good and are free" I would strongly object to that as well.

Lastly, of course we cannot compare Iran under the Islamists with N. Korea or Saddamist Iraq but this doesn't really lessen the gravitiy of the situation as there should be NO persecution in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Tina -
"Exactly who is this Alan Peters and how on earth would he know what it's like in Iran today? "

There's the $64,000 question.
Answer: He claims to have left Iran around the time of the revolution and hasn't been back, so he doesn't know what's going on in Iran today.
That's obvious.

Anonymous said...

this dude by the name of anti-mullah seems to be out of his country for a long long time. why should any one bother to believe his stupid rants?

Anonymous said...

What a jerk that guy is!
He's trying to present his OWN portrait of life in Iran, and he's NEVER lived under the mullahs so how would he know what daily life there is like!??!
He wants the world to wear blinders that HE alone manufactures.

I will say this here because he would delete what I say or accuse me of being mullah's agent.
*Hey a$$hole, YOU DO NOT represent the Iranian people who have been living under mullahs and THEY DON'T give you permission to tell the world your ignorant and distorted view of it!*

Rosemary Welch said...

He knows you, eh? Then he should more than just one article! I gaurantee he'd be shocked if he really thought you were a mullah-lover! LOL. What a jerk he is.