Saturday, December 2, 2006


I have been monitoring the Iranian regime's news agencies and propaganda mouthpieces such as ISNA, Fars News,, IRNA ...etc for the past few days, and all of them can't hide the regime's happiness over what is going on in Lebanon and it is obvious that regime is truly behind the pressure, by terrorist group Hezbollah, on the US backed government of Lebanon to quit.

Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Persian Gulf and Afghanistan are places where the interests of the regime is colliding with the interests of the rest of the world and these areas may determine the future of Iran.

Update 1: US gov't says Hezbollah aims to oust elected Lebanese government of Fuad Siniora, VOA News reports


Anonymous said...

I don't think they are going to be very successful. Just because you can get people out onto the streets in a street protest, doesn't mean you have what it takes to win a war. I think Hizbollah got a little full of themselves over the Israeli conflict a few months ago, they seem to be under the mistaken impression that they won something.

Anonymous said...

They fact that they still exist proves that in fact they did win something. No mistaken impressions here.

Michael said...


What did they win? All they did was survive.

Israel destroyed their infrastructure, killed hundreds of their fighters (during the war, Nasrallah ordered his people to avoid face-to-face combat with the IDF), and weathered the rocket attacks that Hezbollah launched while intercepting or preventing all the long-range rocket attempts.

Did Israel achieve all of it's goals? No, not in the war, or in the aftermath. But Hezbollah achieved nothing. They said that Israeli society was "as fragile as a spider web," and they were wrong. They believed that Israel would never fight, and they were wrong. After the war, Nasrallah had to remain in hiding, and even admitted that if he'd been able to predict the Israeli response, he would not have launched the war! Survival, under these circumstances, is not winning.

Rosemary Welch said...

Hi all. Are you aware that if Hizbullah (their spelling) can assassinate one more cabinet member, the government WILL collapse? Yes, it is in their constitution.

That is what they are hoping will happen. We are trying to prevent it. How? The sickest way I know. The UN...

Anonymous said...


Mere survival doesn't mean much of anything. If that were the measure of success, then cockroaches would be the most successful beings on the planet. Know anyone who wants to trade places with a cockroach?

Nasrallah is in fact endangering the survival of the Shiia in Lebanon by making them think they have won something they so clearly lost.