Saturday, December 9, 2006

Multiculturalism is over

This announcement by Tony Blair over multiculturalism is a bit late but it is still a good sign and a huge amount of work must be done to overturn the tide and return Britain to what it was decades ago. Londonistan is a depressing book about how these muslims and hate-mongers have turned UK into a really ugly society where terrorists are free to do what they please under the name of multiculturalism and muslim women wear veil to defy the western values.

Adopt our values or stay away, says Blair:
    If outsiders wishing to settle in Britain were not prepared to conform to the virtues of tolerance then they should stay away. He added: "Conform to it; or don't come here. We don't want the hate-mongers, whatever their race, religion or creed.
I wish Canada would do the same as well. I'm afraid Canada will become another UK soon. I really don't want the western civilization to vanish like that. It'll be sad to see its defeat and it is important to defend it against these ugly hate-mongers.


Khashayar said...

It really is rather depressing. Party after party never bothered to sort out the immigration policy properly, therefore there are big groups of different ethnicities who have created their own little worlds and now there are little Pakistans and little Polands everywhere in England.

Labour has not usually got it right with the whole multi-culturalism though, especially when it came to faith schools and how they should welcome pupil from other faiths. I mean seriously, which Jewish or Christian parents would send their kids to a Muslim school?! The whole idea is obviously not going to work.

Also Islam will probably conquer Europe with the rate UK is investing it. Heard of the 'super mosuqe' in LONDON yet?!:,,2087-1892780,00.html

It is going to hold up to 70,000 prayers. That is 20 times more than the biggest church in the UK that holds only 3000!

Heather said...

Here is a post at Hugh Hewitts, which I think encompasses the thought of the anti war appeasement crowd:
"We can not win a war against an enemy who individually is willing to perish in mass, while fighting takes place in a rising state of hysteria."

In absolute clarity, it joins 'realism' to its underlying cowardice. Of course, there is avarice, too, the avarice of such as James Baker and crowd, wandering the marble halls of Riyadh, collecting great pensions from the Saudi Sheikhdom; and the crawling corruption of such as Maurice Strong and Paul Demarais..

But keep heart: there are a lot of Canadians who are quietly not putting up with this... they don't talk out loud, of course, it is more a case of shunning... but there is a flickering light, here, in the True North.

Anonymous said...
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Aryamehr said...

Let the Brits taste a bit of what they have caused MILLIONS of people across the world not excluding the Iranian Nation under the occupation of the British-supported Islamic Revolt of 1979.

Winston said...

Aryamehr, while I totally agree with the notion of UK gov't being the main supporter of the IRI, I really don't think they deserve this. Moreover, they brought us more good stuff than negative ones such as English Common Law, Democratic values, religious tolerance and restriction of monarchies' power, magna carta, rock music, oxford, cambridge, english language and many many other stuff. I don't want it to be taken by crazy islamists.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, read all three books of late Oriana Fallaci and you will really get the mess the EU is in..

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Muslims in western countries would expect that Western laws and culture should be bent to accommodate their behavior and actions. Those kinds of claims/demands are simply part of an ever increasing, gradual, insistent pressure designed -- sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally -- to have western or non-Islamic countries evolve over time into Islamic ones. Muslims have eradicated cultures, languages throughout the centuries and not just via the sword but mass exodus from the desert to the lands they occupied. The only country who resisted this cultural and ethnic cleansing was Iran. Alas, we had our second occupation of Iran by the Arabs in 1979 but we have survived them over 1400 years and we will this time too.

On a side note, muslims infested Southern Iraq which was part of Iran by mass influx of Arab bedounins into the area and it eventually became arab land.

SERENDIP said...

Amil Imani has Dear Muslims: Which "House" is America to you?