Sunday, January 14, 2007

Strike on Iran

I think this article is interesting
    The Bush administration believes attacking Iran will create a new power balance in the region, calm down the situation in Iraq and pave the way for their democratic project, which had to be suspended due to the interference of Tehran and Damascus in Iraq...
John Bolton says:
    “There are all kinds of ways to change the regime,” he said, mentioning covert and overt means to topple the government. “We have an extensive diaspora of people with Iranian heritage in America who we don’t use effectively.”


Don Gray said...

The problem with this theory is that Congress won't declare war on Iran. Unless Iran attacks the US, Bush can't do anything on his own. If he does, he'll very likely be impeached.

Anonymous said...

I second that Don,Democrats don't have guts - unfortunately - to attack Iran no matter how much Iranians hurt the US interests all over the world.

Winston said...

Sina, what happened to your weblog?

Anonymous said...

Winston jan,

I have become too busy to look after a blog- it is 2:45 here and have just found some time to read some blogs. I will come back soon. as soon as things starting to calm down a bit. I keep reading your blog tho. I think you're the only neo-con voice amongst Iranians,keep up the good work mate.

programmer craig said...


The problem with this theory is that Congress won't declare war on Iran.

They might, actually. There are many democratic senators and congressman who favor a hard line on Iran. Shumer, Biden, Feinstein and Clinton among them. Although with Hillary, it's hard to say what her opinion will be tomorrow.

Unless Iran attacks the US, Bush can't do anything on his own.

Of course he can. He's the Commander in Chief of the US military. US Presidents take unilateral military action under their own authority all the time. Bush intervened in Haiti and Liberia, for instance, without any congressional approval.

Clinton, used military force so often without congressional approval I couldn't even total up all the instances.

Bush Senior invaded Panama and toppled the Government there, without Congressional approval. And I'm pretty sure he intervened in Somalia and the Balkans without Congressional approval as well.

And lets not even talk about Reagan :)

If he does, he'll very likely be impeached.

It takes a criminal charge to impeach a President. If the democrats can come up with a criminal charge against Bush, they will certainly impeach him. But military strikes on Iran or any other nation are within the President's purview and if congress attempted to impeach him over that, they would be guilty of exceeding their *own* authority.

Unknown said...

I fully support action against Iran, but given the political situation in the US, I don't see there being the will to do anything substantial without allied support.

Many people have lost patience with the situation in Iraq, and Bush will have to spend whatever political capital he has left to build support for the troop surge (a good idea, but I think it's too little too late).

One thing is certain - that Iran cannot be allowed to develop a bomb, and time is running out.